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International Relations

With the educational missions, HUFLIT is constantly striving to improve its curriculum, teaching methods and management system. HUFLIT has also been continually active to integrate through academic, friendship association, and public diplomatic activities. From the very first days, HUFLIT has identified international cooperation as one of the main strategies to contribute effectively to developing lecturers, staff and students. Building new a campus, improving facilities, teaching, increasing educational materials and database, and exchanging information with international universities are also essential parts of the policy.
As a member of the cultural and friendship associations, HUFLIT has participated in many cultural, friendship and diplomatic events and educational activities to enhance collaboration between Vietnam and other countries in the world. Those activities aim to follow the direction of “Diversification, multi-lateralization” in the spirit of “Viet Nam is willing to become a friendly and reliable partner of all countries in the world community.”In addition, it also creates the path for HUFLIT to expand cooperation, enhance, and improve the quality of education and training.
International education cooperation activities of HUFLIT mainly include the following programs:
Exchanging staff, faculty and students;
  • Organizing the receptions to welcome delegations from training institutes, enterprise, foreign agencies and organizations to visit and work at HUFLIT;
  • Sending delegations to seek opportunities for cooperation with training institutes, foreign agencies and organizations;
  • Organizing scientific conferences, international seminars, workshhops;
  • Receiving aid materials, textbooks, equipment, etc. for training from foreign agencies and organizations;
  • Receiving scholarships and foreign grants;
  • Having joint programs and implementation of academic cooperation programs such as transitional programs, language programs, internship programs, short-term cultural and academic exchange programs, etc.
  • Welcoming volunteers and foreign experts to teach at the University;
  • Coordinating with the Union of Friendship Organizations, strategic associations, and relevant agencies in Ho Chi Minh City to organize friendship activities and conduct public diplomacy.
By 2017, HUFLIT has established cooperative training and scientific research with more than 80 universities and organizations from many different countries such as England, France, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. The annual exchange student rate between HUFLIT and partners is constantly increasing in quantity and quality, especially with Korea and Japan. Every year, the University receives many students from partner universities to visit and study at HUFLIT. Through international cooperation, HUFLIT has sent hundreds of staff, lecturers, and students abroad for training through faculty and student exchange programs, joint programs, scholarships, internships, fieldtrips, as well as take part in conferences, workshops, and seminar, mainly in South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. The school annually hosts about 60 delegations to visit, and send many HUFLIT delegations to visit and work with partners. HUFLIT has organized successfully many significant international conferences that create positive impacts on culture, politics, social issues, and education, including South Korea – Vietnam international conference, Japan – Vietnam international conference, etc.
About friendship activities, HUFLIT is a member of the Ho Chi Minh city Union of Friendship Organizations and other organizations such as Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (AUF), Université sans frontières (UST), Assemblage de Printemps (AP) and 12 Friendship Associations, which have been operating effectively. HUFLIT has organized various yearly cultural and friendship activities on the occasions of major events and important events of the countries. Friendship Associations and many individuals of HUFLIT have received numerous certificates of merits from People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, and the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations for significant contributions to public diplomacy.

HUFLIT currently has following friendship associations:
          1.  Vietnam – UK Friendship Association
          2.  Vietnam – India Friendship Association
          3.  Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association
          4.  Vietnam – Cuba Friendship Association
          5.  Vietnam – Germany Friendship Association
          6.  Vietnam – South Korea Friendship Association
          7.  Vietnam – Indonesia Friendship Association
          8.  Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association
          9.  Vietnam – France Friendship Association
         10. Vietnam – Thailand Friendship Association
         11. Vietnam – China Friendship Association
         12. Vietnam – U.S. Friendship Association