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The Department of International Business Administration was established in 2001. It currently provides 2 programs: International Business (with International Business major) and Business Administration (with two specialized programs in Human Resource Management and Marketing) in English.

The objectives are to provide education and training for students to become qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the fields of Business Administration and International Business, capable of applying the knowledge and skills learned in the dynamic and competitive market fields of international business, human resources management and marketing, proficient in English and computer skills to meet business requirements.

Competitive advantages
Firstly, a majority of the Department's teaching staff graduates aboard. In addition, professional lecturers are knowledgeable and have practical experience in fields of international business, finance, accounting, marketing, import and export, human resources, etc., which is a very important factor to make teaching and training more practical and effective.
Secondly, entrance quality of International Business Administration Department's students is relatively good. Many students have turned down other opportunities to become a department's student. This is an important premise for training. With students who have the ability to learn quickly and actively in class activities, lecturers are able to help students become the center of all class activities.

Job opportunities
After graduation, students can work in the fields of import-export, marketing, media and human resources in foreign companies, representative offices, multinational corporations, etc. or manage and operate small and medium enterprises. With well-equipped English language and computer proficiency, students are fully capable of pursuing their postgraduate or overseas associate programs to become managers in the field of international business administration, international business, or respective industry experts.
Contact information
Office of International Business Administration
302- 304 Cao Thắng, F.12, District 10, HCMC. HCM
Phone (+84 28) 22 421 063

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