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Economic Law study provides knowledge on economic laws as well as counseling skills, negotiate skills, defending skills,… in bussiness and commercial activities; The school is highly attentive toward foreign language skills.
Students are also provided with legal knowledge on bussiness management, e.g personnel management, drafting contracts, labor registration, tax reports and other legal activities in bussiness.

The program is built according to practical desmontration, providing foundation knowledge for students under the motto “Foundation – Application – Intergration”, giving a baseline for economic law knowledge and the practice of economic law in organizations. In addition, college majors highly focus on foreign languages, especialy in economic law in order to comunicate and work with foreign jurists.

When graduated, students can apply for several role such as:

Attorney (Lawyer): Having accumulated some practical experience, the Law Bussiness Bachelor can apply for the Chief Executive Officer course and experience the probationary term according to the government law. After that, students can give consultant, represent, justify for citizen and enterprise.

Judge: students can participate in recruitment examination for court to take up the Clerk of Court position. After a long time acquiring criminal experience, students will be appointed to become Judge.

Establishing your own law company or opening a law office: After accumulated enough practical experience, the Law Bachelor can connect with their friends, colleague to open a law company, law office to carry out legal activities for enterprise.

Enterprise legal counsultants: Support enterprise in the law field. E.g: tax, licences, labor management, salary management, social insurance, especially bussiness or commercial contracts.

Become a professional legal consultant at: People’s Committee, People’s Assembly and several departments under the conduct of People’s Committee.


Department of Law office
2nd floor, Section A, Su Van Hanh building
155 Su Van Hanh, Ward 13, District 10, HCM City
Tel: (08) 38.625208 – 120

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